'Amazing people, amazing energy': Idris Elba plays to Nottingham crowds at Groovebox festival

Idris Elba has returned to Nottingham to play a DJ set to a crowd of 5,000 people at Groovebox Festival. Credit: ITV News Central

Idris Elba has said it's a 'privilege' to do a DJ set for crowds in Nottingham because they have 'amazing energy.'

The actor and DJ - best known for his TV roles such as Luther - returned to the city for Groovebox Festival in Colwick Park.

The festival took place on Saturday 9 July with 5,000 attendees basking in the 30 degree sunshine.

In an interview with ITV News Central, Idris Elba joked he brought the sun with him from his recent trip to Ibiza.

He said: "I just got back from Ibiza, and on my way out I just grabbed a little bit and threw it onto Nottingham.

"It's beautiful today. The energy is good, and everyone's excited."

'Amazing people, amazing energy' - Idris Elba tells Kelly Wright from ITV News Central about why he loves playing in Nottingham

Groovebox Festival has grown from being a small DJ night in a bar, to one of Nottingham's largest summer festivals.

The organiser of the event, Nick Howdle, said: "we started in a bar in Arnold, with 150 capacity."

"We quickly ramped up to club events around Nottingham to 2,000 capacity."

Last year was the first time Groovebox festival took place, with Idris Elba also on the lineup.

The organiser added: "This is a pivotal year for us, we hope to come back next year with 10,000 guests."

Nick Howdle tells ITV News Central how Groovebox Festival started from humble beginnings