Two baby beavers born in Derbyshire for the first time in 800 years

Two baby beavers have been born in Derbyshire for the first time in 800 years. The last time one was born in the region was the 13th century.

They were born at Derbyshire Wildlife Trusts’ Willington Wetlands Reserve. 

Henry Richards, from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust said they are "absolutely delighted" that one pair have now been bred.

Mr Richards said: "We are absolutely delighted to announce that, following the licensed release of beavers at Willington in 2021, one pair have now bred, and the first beaver kits have been sighted."

He adds: "During the months running up to the kits sighting, staff and volunteers at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust observed the beavers settling down in a lodge (a beaver’s family home made from sticks and mud), grooming one another and caching extra food, which were all positive signs of them being a well-established pair."

Mr Richards said: "Volunteers at the reserve have now captured the new kits on film.

"These little balls of fluff cannot yet dive for themselves, so for now their parents have to literally jump on them to help them get under the water due to the buoyancy of their fur!

"This isn't just good news for the reintroduction of a species - it's also great news for the reintroduction of an entire ecosystem that has been lost here in Derbyshire. 

"The growing beaver families will play a big part in making Derbyshire wilder, helping to manage the landscape within the Trent Valley. "