Firefighters rescue tiny kitten tapped in smelly soil pipe

The "adventurous" kitten looked less than impressed following the ordeal. Credit: West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands firefighters came to the rescue after a tiny kitten became trapped in a soil pipe.

The feline got into trouble after falling down a hole behind a washing machine and the team from Perry Barr Fire Station had to use search cameras to locate it.

The technical rescue unit was called as backup and identified that the kitten was stuck in an underground soil pipe, which is used to transport water from the toilet.

The force says the rescue took several attempts and they had to remove kitchen units to gain access to the pipe.

The kitten was eventually freed with a snare pole.

The team joked that the successful rescue was a "PURRRFECT" ending and said, "with the right catitude, anything is pawsible".

The kitten was reunited with its mother and, although a little wet, seemed well.