Machete found in Birmingham as police attacked after suspected shooting at party

Faulkners Farm Drive, Erdington Credit: Google Maps

Police say they were attacked with bricks and bottles after they were called to a suspected shooting at a party in Birmingham.

Officers were hit with bricks and bottles as they dispersed the crowds on Faulkners Farm Drive in Erdington in the early hours Saturday morning (16 July).

One man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a machete and other knives were seized.

West Midlands Police are now investigating how many people had guns and whether they were fired. They have also extended additional stop and search powers until Sunday.

CCTV and drone footage is being examined as part of the investigation into the suspected shooting and police are looking to identify anyone responsible for attacking police officers.

Superintendent Sallie Churchill, said: “We believe at least one person, maybe more, had firearms and we’re looking into whether they were fired and if anyone was hurt.

“At this stage we’re not aware of anyone reporting at hospital with injuries consistent with a shooting but our enquiries continue.

“There were around 600 people at the block party and our officers went in to protect them amid fears guns were present and they were at risk.

“To be pelted with bricks and bottles for doing their job and trying to safeguard people is disgusting and totally unacceptable. We won’t tolerate attacks on our officers and we’ll be looking to find the people involved.”

The area has been cordoned while police carry out searches and forensic investigations.