Man jailed after killing 26-year-old Nathaniel Bierley in Nottingham street attack

Kyle Turton (left) punched Nathaniel Bierley when he was drunk earlier this year Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

A man who punched a university graduate when he was drunk, causing him to crack his skull on a pavement on a street in Nottingham city centre, has been jailed.

Kyle Turton, of Brooksby Lane in Clifton, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court where he was sentenced today, after previously pleading guilty to a charge of manslaughter.

The 21-year-old was out in Nottingham city centre when he threw the punch after interfering in an argument with a complete stranger.

Witnesses said the punch immediately knocked him unconscious, meaning he could not break his fall.

Nathaniel Bierley, who was 26, was attacked during an incident on Upper Parliament Street around 3.35am on Saturday 5 March.

He died 12 days later in hospital, on the 17 March 2022.

'Forever loved by your sisters Louisa, Karina, Anastasia and mum and dad, and I know one day we will all be together again' - one family's heartbreaking tribute

Nathaniel Bierley Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Mr Bierley, who worked at a Five Guys restaurant, had three sisters, and his family say his loss has left them in a state of "utter heartbreak".

Nathaniel had three sisters. One of them, Louisa, said his death has left a void that can never be filled.

She explained how their lives had completely changed and how all of their Christmas', birthday’s and lives had been ruined by Turton’s actions.

"I don’t even know where to start, Nathaniel was the best brother we could ever ask for, he was courageous and always wanted to make a change in this world,” she said.

'We will never get to see how he would have lived the rest of his life'

Ms Bierley adds: "Our brother always made such a big impression on all of those who knew him and made all of us proud every day.

"He travelled the world and lived his life to the fullest and had so much more to give to this world but that’s been taken away from him.

"He was a great uncle and it would have been nice to see if Nathaniel had children of his own one day but now we will never know."

'He was going to buy a car for his younger sister when she passed her test'

Ms Bierley adds: "He was going to take his younger sister to a car dealership when she passed her test and help her buy a car and because of this, he won’t do that.

"She was looking forward to her big brother buying her first car and wanted to show her big brother her first ever home but he won’t be here to see all of this.

"We will never get to see how he would have lived the rest of his life and that hurts us so much. 

"I have never seen my mum cry before but in the days when it happened and afterward I did and it absolutely devastated me, hearing how she wished it was her instead – my heart absolutely broke.

"This has not only affected us all emotionally but has had a physical impact on most of us too.

"I feel an apparent amount of stress all of the time so I have to make myself busy so I feel tired all of the time ever since the day it happened."

Nathaniel Bierley Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Turton was jailed for nine years and on his release will have to serve a further five years on license.

He was given an extended sentence by the judge, which means he will be subject to a licence period of five years when he is released from prison.

The judge told Turton he could be released after serving two-thirds of the sentence, but only if the Parole Board thinks it is safe to do so.

Detective Constable Rebecca Butler, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: "I firstly want to thank Nathaniel’s family for their support and cooperation during the investigation and the strength and dignity they have shown throughout the court proceedings.

"Our deepest sympathies and thoughts remain with Nathaniel’s family, friends and everyone who knew him, their loss is heart-breaking and as a force we will continue to offer our support.

"This incident shows how throwing even single punch can have devastating consequences as shown in this case that one moment of aggression can result in a lifetime of consequences, regret and guilt.

"This one moment of aggression will now see Turton behind bars for nearly a decade and still under supervision when he does leave prison for another five years.

"I hope this case shows that we will never tolerate violent offences of this nature and will treat each and every one extremely seriously and do everything we can to bring those responsible in front of the courts."