Killer son, 19, jailed after stabbing his mother 83 times in Leicester flat

Aaron Matthew was described as a serious risk to the community Credit: Handout/ Leicestershire Police

A "dangerous" teenager who stabbed his mother to death has been given a life sentence.

Aaron Matthew, who was described as posing a "serious risk to the community", knifed Ingrid Matthew at his flat in Highfields, Leicester, last September.

The 19-year-old was sentenced at Leicester Crown Court for killing Ingrid, who suffered more than 80 injuries before her son fled the scene.

Matthew was told he would have to serve a minimum of six years and 226 days behind bars before he could be considered for release.

Matthew pleaded guilty in April to killing 54-year-old Ingrid. He had initially been charged with his mother’s murder, but changed his plea to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility during his trial.

Ingrid’s body was found by her former partner and Matthew's father, Andrew Marshall, in Matthew’s bedroom at the Lincoln Street flat on 11 September last year.

Just hours earlier, she had been seen playing games on her phone, with Mr Marshall describing things as "quiet" and "normal" in the hours leading up to her death.

Mr Marshall also confirmed Ingrid and Matthew had a "good relationship", and that his son had never threatened to harm them.

The weapon, a hunting knife - which had been bought by Matthew some time earlier without his family’s knowledge - was found close to Ingrid's body.

However, her son was not at the scene, having changed his clothes and left, heading to Peterborough.

Post-mortem examinations found that Ingrid suffered 83 injuries across her body and limbs, with the force inflicted against her during the frenzied attack chipping her skull and fracturing three ribs.

She had also suffered serious wounds to the jugular vein in her neck, and to her thigh, with pathologists saying it was likely she bled to death from both wounds.

Ingrid Matthew was found dead with more than 80 injuries Credit: Handout/ Leicestershire Police

After fleeing to Peterborough, Matthew handed himself in to police the day after the killing. During his trial, the court heard the teenager had since been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - a condition that would have "impaired his judgement" in the moments around the stabbing.

Prosecutors believed Matthew still understood large parts of what he had done, however, despite him claiming he had no recollection of the events.

'Ingrid suffered 83 injuries across her body and limbs', court hears

Kate Goddard QC said: "Aaron Matthew hid possession of the knife from his father. He changed his clothes after the [killing] and left the Leicester area before making arrangements to hand himself in to police."

"He did not call for help for his mother after stabbing Ingrid and was unable to be contacted until one day after the [killing]."

Narita Bahra QC, who was defending Matthew, said he had since shown remorse for his actions, but his ASD diagnosis meant his life was difficult.

"In previous letters, he accepts he has done wrong and knows he cannot bring his mother back," she said. "This is a young man who knows he will receive a significant sentence.

"Aaron has difficulty understanding the feelings of others. People had told him he had a 'flat face'.

"He is now 19 years of age and has discovered he has a mental health disorder - one he did know about before the offence. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to help this young man."

'Aaron Matthew is dangerous', court hears

The court was told that Matthew was of "previous good character" and had no prior convictions. But judge Adrienne Lucking QC said she believed he posed a risk to the community after it was revealed had suffered from angry outbursts during his life.

"Taking into account the circumstances, I am satisfied there is a serious risk to the community for further offences and people coming to serious harm," she said.

"Aaron Matthew is dangerous. He has a propensity to anger and violent outbursts and one result of that saw him inflict 83 wounds to his mother," she added.

Describing the events as a "deeply sad case" for the family of both Ingrid and Matthew, and saying that "no sentence" would cover the loss of Ingrid, Judge Lucking handed the teenager a life sentence. Unlike murder, life sentences are not automatic in manslaughter cases.

Matthew was also issued with two restraining orders preventing him from contacting his grandmother and another relative for the rest of their lives.

Speaking after sentencing, senior investigator Detective Inspector Nicole Main, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: "Only Aaron Matthew can explain why he took his own mother’s life.

"I hope today’s sentencing can provide a degree of closure to Ingrid’s family and those to who she was closest.

"Sadly, no sentence given will bring her back and my heartfelt condolences go out to them as they continue with the grieving process to come to terms with their loss."