Otter rescued from sewage works by Derbyshire firefighters and RSPCA

Footage shows the moment firefighters rescued the otter

An otter has been rescued after becoming trapped in sewage works in Derbyshire.

Firefighters from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue were called to a water treatment works on the River Derwent, Chevin Road in Belper at 12pm to help the RSPCA with an animal rescue.

The otter had made its way into a connecting pipe between two overflow pools and had become trapped when staff at the works had tried to rescue it.

It's believed as the overflow pools fill and empty independently – that the otter made its way into one of the pools at night when it was full and as the water level dropped, it became trapped.

Sharing a few details and photos of the incident on Twitter, a spokesperson for DFRS said: "It's getting Otter in there!

"Today we assisted RSPCA colleagues to rescue an otter that was stuck in a connecting pipe between two sewage treatment works overflow pools at Milford."

The Otter was trapped in the sewage works at the Milford treatment centre Credit: Enviroment Agency Midlands

Two cat carriers were deployed at either end of connecting pipe between two of the overflow pools where the otter was hiding.

Using a long stick and a "bit of persuasion" the other was coaxed out of the pipe and into one of the cat carriers.

The otter was then checked over by the RSPCA and given a clean before it was happily released back into the wild.