Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony bull to stay on display in city until at least the end of September

The bull will remain in the city centre Credit: ITV News Central

The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony bull will remain on display in Birmingham city centre until the end of September.

The ten-metre-high art work was a central part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last week where its rolling eyes and the steam billowing from its nostrils captivated millions of watching people.

Games organisers and its creators had said that the bull wasn't made to last outside due to its construction materials, prompting a wave of protests from people who have embraced the bull as a symbol of the city and the Games.

This morning it was announced the bull will continue to stay in Centenary Square until the end of September - when the Birmingham 2022 festival ends.

Cllr Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said:

“We are delighted with the response the Bull has had from the Opening Ceremony which reflects our history.

"The diverse history of Birmingham is one of the reasons we were successful in our bid for the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the way residents and visitors have embraced the Bull shows how important this is.“

“We consider this one of the top attractions in the city and seeing residents and visitors enjoying the Bull being in the city this week, has been brilliant and enhances the need to keep the Bull in the city for longer.”

The bull had captivated the heart of the nation Credit: ITV News Central

Commonwealth Games Minister Nigel Huddleston said:

“The Bull had an important story to tell on women’s rights and the city’s industrial heritage during the Opening Ceremony. It has captured the public’s imagination, brought culture to a mass audience and shown that Birmingham 2022 is about more than the world-class sport on show.

“I hope the Bull, the Commonwealth Games and its cultural programme leave lasting memories for those who have experienced it, and that they encourage more people to get involved in the West Midlands’ rich artistic and cultural offering.”

Discussions are ongoing among Birmingham 2022 Games partners about what will happen to the Bull when the Birmingham 2022 Festival closes at the end of September.