Why is the weather unusually hot in the Midlands?

People enjoy the warm weather around 'Old John' at Bradgate Park, Leicester Credit: PA

Here’s a statement that few would argue with………. ‘We all love warm weather’ Now!

Before I wrote that I thought, ‘should in play safe and write’ (Most of us enjoy warm weather) in order to cater for those that don’t.

But I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns and go full throttle with we all love warm weather…

It's that feeling of the sun on our face, endorphins running rampant sparking our pleasure senses brightening eyes and widening smiles, no wonder we spend most of the year looking forward to it.

Oh, how wonderful... There is a (BUT) coming…

But! It isn’t all Dick Van Dyke and the chimney dance from Mary Poppins.

When we get too much sunshine for such a prolonged period, problems quickly arise in the form of water shortages, hosepipe bans and a rise in health issues.

That’s when talk quickly turns to the desire for cooler times and rain.

So why are we seeing this weather which is unusually hot?

Visitors observe giraffes at West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley Credit: PA

The jet stream is positioned such as to allow high pressure to build and dominate not just weather across the UK but Europe too.

We’ve imported very warm air and as winds have fallen light it has remained stagnant.

Our days are longer allowing more solar energy in the form of thermal radiation heat us and our cities trap that heat.

A perfect storm of weather phenomenon but without the storm.

Fortunately, the jet stream does get deflected around the UK toward the Bay of Biscay come the back end of the weekend so the chance of cooler conditions and rain is on the horizon.

As to precisely how much temperatures will dip and amounts of rainfall we are yet to see, so keep an eye on the forecast and in the mean time…

Take care, enjoy the days to come.

Des x