Coventry Children Services rated good for the first time in eight years

ITV News Central reporter Charlotte Cross met a woman in Coventry who said children's services had been 'outstanding'

It's been ten years since a young boy from Coventry was tortured, and killed, by his mother and step-father.

Four-year-old Daniel Pelka's death brought children's services in the city into the spotlight, and investigators found that despite having suffered horrendous abuse for months, this had been largely invisible to agencies.

Child services in the city were rated as inadequate after he died in 2012.

But today, following a three week long inspection of children's service's back in June, Ofsted rated the services at Coventry City Council as 'good.'

Speaking to ITV News Central on condition of anonymity, one woman whose children suffered abuse at the hands of their father described service's as 'outstanding.'

"They go above and beyond," she said. "If I didn't have them I don't think I would have carried on."

One social worker, Zahra Bano, said "we do multi-agency working everyday - we can't just do a job single handedly because we'd only get one side of the story."

Multi-agency working was praised in the report.

"We're good at the moment," said Councillor Pat Seaman, cabinet member for Children and Young People. "And we want to be exceptional, we want to be outstanding."

What did the report say?

"Most children, throughout the service, are receiving the right level of support at the right time," the report's authors write.

They also asserted that social workers are committed to children, senior leaders drive improvement and partnerships between agencies are strong.

There is also a "strong political commitment to children's services from across the whole council."

However they said that response to those aged 16 and 17 who are homeless could be better, arguing that they currently "receive an inconsistent service."

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