Leicestershire dad wins multi-million pound 'piece of paradise' in Cornwall

The house won by the Mr Parmar in Cornwall Credit: PA Images

A father from Leicestershire has won a multi-million pound "piece of paradise" in Cornwall as part of a charity prize draw.

Uttam Parmar, who is from Ashby, is the new owner of a four-bedroom house that overlooks the Camel Estuary in Cornwall. It was the top prize up for grabs in the latest Omaze Million Pound House Draw.

Mr Parmar, had entered every draw on the fundraising platform since it launched in 2020. He said the Cornwall house was his favourite of all the prizes, adding that "patience really is a virtue, as I've now won my own piece of paradise".

When Omaze first contacted Mr Parmar to tell him he had won, he was in hospital, so rushed back to find out if he had won the grand prize house.

Winning the house has made the Leicestershire father a multi-millionaire overnight Credit: Omaze

"We were so excited that we might have won the grand prize, we called our son Aaron to see if the winning entry code matched ours - when he triple checked the numbers matched, we must've burst his eardrums screaming down the phone," he said.

Aside from making Mr Parmar and his wife, Raki, multi-millionaires, the draw also raised £1 million for Blood Cancer UK.

Mr Parmar added, "We've holidayed in Cornwall over the years and always thought it would be incredible to have a place here - and now we do. We're still pinching ourselves.

The house was the top prize up for grabs in the latest Omaze Million Pound House Draw. Credit: PA Images

"We have a large extended family - so no doubt they'll all be asking to have their next birthday parties here!

"We're not sure if we'll rent, sell or live in it yet - it's the best dilemma we've ever had! Whatever we decide, it's a life-changing win for the whole family!"