'Loving dad' originally from Nottingham and brother of medical cannabis tycoon dies in Spain

Father-of-two Tobias White-Sansom, 35 (pictured with his two daughters) died in hospital five days after an alleged incident near a nightclub in Magaluf, the Spanish island of Majorca. Credit: BPM Media

The family of a "loving father" from Nottingham who died on holiday in Spain are fighting to bring his body home after the tragedy.

Father-of-two Tobias White-Sansom, 35 died in hospital five days after an alleged incident near a nightclub in Magaluf, the Spanish island of Majorca.

His older brother, Nottinghamshire entrepreneur Maximillian White, 42, who has made his wealth from medicinal cannabis, said he feels like he is "waking up to a nightmare" everyday since the tragedy.

Tobias died on Sunday (July 31) after reportedly being kept in an induced coma for several days after being rushed to hospital following the incident on July 26.

His cousin Ricardo Capone said the news had left the family "devastated".

He said the family are now fighting to bring the body of their loved one "back home".

Brothers Maximilian White, 42 and Tobias White-Sansom, 35 Credit: Maximilian White

Mr Capone said: "He was living in Dubai but he is a Radford lad. We need to bring his body back home."

In a statement, the family said:

"Tobias (Toby) White-Sansom is a loving father to two young girls, aged one and four. He is a kind-hearted, hardworking dad with a large family and countless friends.

"We are fighting with our embassy to have Toby’s body returned to the UK for further examination and the involvement of a British law firm to oversee this case."

Witnesses claimed Tobias was involved in an altercation after he was refused entry to a nightclub.

The heartbroken entrepreneur said: "My life will never be the same because of everything me and my brother did together. He was my soulmate.

"I remember him saying that he wanted to move to another country and have a six bedroom house so all the family could come and live with him. That is just the type of man he was.

"He always put himself second. And it is just devastating to think that I will never be able to see him again."

Maximilian added: "He has got two beautiful children and one of them is only a baby, so she will not even remember her dad's face.

"The 4 year old asks where her daddy is and we do not know what to say. I just know that the pain is never going to go away.

"I wake up into a nightmare every day. Nobody should ever go through the pain of losing a younger sibling. It is a terrible pain. The fact that he was taken away from us is a pain that will never leave."

The pair grew up together Credit: Maximillian White

The pair lived together for 12 years before their parents got separated. But they reunited when Tobias turned 15, and the brothers "made a life together".

The heartbroken brother said: "He was my right hand, he was the yin to my yang. He was the one that made me make all the good decisions, he was the good side of me.

"He kept all the family together and he was like a father to my daughter. He was a protector and had lots of empathy.

"He did his own business and always made the right decisions and he stood by it. Every morning we had a coffee together and we would talk about our lives.

"He just made me see the good side of everything. And now it will never be the same."

In a statement, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said:

“We are supporting the family of a British man who has died in Mallorca and are in contact with the local authorities.”