EuroMillions: Telford couple plan to share £1million win with family and friends

Ruth and Rob Giblin almost forgot to buy their winning ticket and couldn't believe their luck. Credit: National Lottery

A couple from Telford who have become millionaires from the EuroMillions say they plan to spend their winnings on new experiences for their family.

Ruth and Rob Giblin, who have already paid off their mortgage with their winnings, also plan to take their children on a plane for the first time with a big summer holiday.

After nearly forgetting to buy a ticket, 44-year-old Ruth was one of 22 millionaires in the EuroMillions draw on Friday 22 July when she matched one of the UK Millionaire Maker codes.

The couple will also look to extend Ruth's parents' house with an extra bedroom, to make it more comfortable for them and her sister who has additional needs."

Reacting to the news, Ruth said: “This win means so much to us as a family.

"It means I get to help my parents by building an extension onto their house so there’s enough bedrooms for everyone to sleep in.

"My parents look after my sister who has additional needs so an extension will mean everyone can get a proper night's sleep!”

Ruth says she almost missed the chance to buy a ticket for the EuroMillions draw, which the couple do every week.

Ruth said: "I bought it and promptly forgot all about the ticket and went straight to Karate that evening.

"The next morning, we got up early for a swim and I saw I had an email telling me I had good news about my ticket.

"When I logged into my National Lottery app, I could see I had only matched one number, but it was telling me I had won £1M, I was very confused!”

Ruth and Rob couldn't wait to tell their family and friends the good news. Credit: Camelot

The mum of two was sceptical at first, so decided to call to check if it was real.

"When we finally called Camelot, they asked me what I could see and then they confirmed we were millionaires! We were just stunned and started crying.”

Ruth and Rob woke their two children, aged 16 and 13, to share the news.

They hope the win will help to make a big difference to their families lives as well as their own.

The couple broke the news to Ruth's parents on what was her dad's birthday, and are thrilled to be able to extend their home for them.

Both now plan to stay in their current jobs despite the new-found fortune, although Ruth might look to reduce her hours so that she can have her weekends back to spend quality time with family and friends.

The National Lottery says players generate more than £30M each week for charitable projects.