CCTV captures moment masked thugs return to pensioner's Great Barr home for second time in week

New CCTV footage has captured the moment a group of seven masked thugs returned to taunt a Great Barr pensioner outside his home, just days after attacking him

Shocking footage has captured the moment a gang of youths returned to a 76-year-old's home in Great Barr.

Roy Muller has been targeted in series of attacks by the group since October last year and has repeatedly had his doors kicked, stones thrown at windows and abuse hurled at him.

In the most recent clip dated 6pm on Monday 15 August, one of the gang can be heard taunting the pensioner saying "remember me from last time?".

They then can be heard swearing at Mr Muller as he appears in view saying "come on p****" and "d*******".

The grandad is then seen walking down his drive saying "you'd better clear off".

In the latest CCTV footage recorded yesterday evening, the grandad can be seen telling the gang to leave, before several more turn up Credit: BPM Media

Mr Muller said the group started to surround him before he returned into his house.

Seeing the events unfold, neighbours called the police. However, before fleeing the gang of seven taunted him, saying that they "would be back".

"It's escalating now," he said. "They were trying to surround me. I went back to my house and they started following me. They said 'we'll be back'."

"I don't know why I'm being targeted," pensioner says

"I'm singled out for whatever reason. Sometimes they come on electric scooters. I had the camera fitted because of this."

The 76-year old who worked for Birmingham City Council before retiring, has reported the youths to police several times, including writing to West Midlands Police Chief Constable Sir David Thompson pleading for help.

But, he says still nothing has been done: "I wrote to Sir David Thompson twice and haven't had a reply - it's a bit disappointing. I've also had them throwing stones and shouting abuse. I just don't want to see them there at all.

"I'm frightened to leave the house in case they do it and when I am out I'm checking my camera on my phone. The police keep saying they will step up patrols but there aren't any patrols to step up."

The pensioner had a heart attack last year and his family are concerned the stress may bring another on. Mr Muller said the attacks has left him "frightened" and constantly checking CCTV on his mobile.

Mr Muller's family have taken to posting clips of the anti-social behaviour on social media to highlight the issue.

In a clip from Thursday evening on 11 August, a masked youth jogs towards Mr Muller's front door wielding a weapon.

The grandad, who has lived in his home for 43 years, then can be seen rushing out to try to detain the thug, and a fight begins which ends with the youth swinging the weapon at the pensioner, kicking and punching him. Another masked youth runs up and joins in with the fight before they flee.

Mr Muller suffered only minor injuries in the incident.

In the past, when family have posted videos online some parents have identified the young people and come forward to apologise.

"All the police ever do is come and record it and go away," Mr Muller said. "It started last October, the first time it happened I thought a car was coming through the house it was that loud, the banging.

"But then it carried on, and later they were wearing masks. The longest time I've been without it is a month, it can be every day. It's just getting worse and worse.

"It can be twice a day. I'm hoping to catch them and call the police. On Thursday he was trying to hit my glasses, then he called his mate over and they both ran.

"I've got a cut on my ear and a few aches and pains, but nothing I can't deal with. The police say ignore them, but they need to sort them out. The police must've been here five times in the last few weeks.

The youth can be seen swinging the weapon at the pensioner as they kick and punch him. Credit: BPM Media

"It's very frustrating, it's awful that I've got to live like that. I've sat in the chair near the window just to watch the road. Last Friday they were 14 of them, I'm not easily intimidated but you just get a load of abuse.

"My daughter put it on the internet and their mothers came forward and were horrified. The parents are different, it's the kids who are foul.

In a statement, a spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "We're investigating after receiving reports of a man in his 70s being the victim of assault and harassment in Great Barr.

"We fully understand how distressing this is and are looking to safeguard the man while progressing enquiries to establish those responsible.

"Officers from the local neighbourhood policing team are aware of ongoing anti-social behaviour and are routinely monitoring the area as part of their patrols strategy. We take all allegations of harassment incredibly seriously, and we are committed to ensuring the safety of our community.

"If you know who’s casing the problems in the area, please use the Live Chat service on our website or call 101 and quote crime number 20/666656/22."