Stuck in the mud bull weighing 900kg rescued by fire service after sinking in search of food

The bull became stuck in the mud and water Credit: Bromyard Fire Station

A heavy and hungry bull eyeing up fresh grass has been rescued by firefighters in Bromsgrove after it became stuck in the mud.

The bull weighing in at hefty 900kg was rescued by fire crews from Bromyard and Pershore on Tuesday after it became stuck while searching for food.

Vets from animal rescue teams sedated the bull to keep him from getting distressed while fire teams secured straps around his body ready to heave the bull out.

Eight minutes of tough heaving later and the bull was successfully removed from the muddy pool.

The bull being rescued Credit: Bromyard Fire Service

It is thought the mighty animal became submerged and stuck in a pool of mud after eyeing up the green grass around the pool.

After getting stuck in the mud, it didn't take long before three-quarters of the bull's body was completely covered.

The pool is said to have been drying out caused by the prolonged spell of hot and dry weather.

The bull became submerged in a pool, covering 3/4 of his body Credit: Bromyard Fire Service

In a post on Facebook, the fire service said: "Richard and Sophie Aylett, and Sophie Bonnevie from Meadows Farm Vets Ltd at Bromsgrove were on scene to take care of the bulls' welfare during the rescue and giving advice to the crews."

The fire service added: "Crews worked hard to place straps around his body."

A local farmer even bought a telehandler, a machine similar to a forklift, to pull the bull from the mud on to a large glide board so he could be slid across the ground to a secure pen.

The bull safely in the pen after being rescued Credit: Bromyard Fire Service

The animal will stay in the pen, until the sedation has worn off, to make sure he is safe.

The bull is expected to make a full recovery.