Flood warnings issued across the Midlands as thunderstorms expected to cause severe damage

The Met Office has warned of localised flooding Credit: PA Images

The Met Office has issued a flood alert for the Midlands, just a day after a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms came into place.

Some areas across the region saw thunderstorms overnight which are expected to continue throughout the morning.

Weather forecasters have warned torrential rain could cause travel disruptions and localised flooding across the Midlands.

Will I be affected by flash floods?

An alert for flooding has been issued across all of England for Tuesday 16 August, meaning all areas of the Midlands could see flooding.

The risk of flooding has also been carried over to tomorrow (August 17) for southern parts of England creeping into parts of the Midlands.

However, some places in the Midlands are more at risk.

A flood alert has been issued across the country Credit: Met Office

Thunderstorms around Shrewsbury were predicted overnight for Monday following into Tuesday, and for Hereford and the surrounding area on Tuesday lunchtime.

The government checks for flooding also said certain areas in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are likely to see floods.

Bottle Brook, and the River Erewash in Derbyshire, along with the River Leen, River Maun, Day Brooke, Trottle Brook and the River Trent in Nottinghamshire are likely to see flooding.

Smaller rivers and streams in Derbyshire are also likely to see water levels rise. These include the

  • Rivers Noe

  • Derwent

  • Wye in North Derbyshire

  • River Derwent

  • River Trent in South Derbyshire

Floods are also likely at Loughborough urban watercourses and local tributaries to the River Soar.

Part of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire are more likely to flood

What does the risk of flooding and thunderstorms mean?

The yellow weather alerts could cause delays to train services, short-term power outages and flooding of some homes, according to the Met Office.

It has also warned of potential damage to buildings from lightning strikes.

In a tweet, it is advising people to take care in wet weather and expect poor driving conditions due to spray and power cuts.

The yellow warning for thunderstorms and flood alerts comes after a prolonged period of dry and hot weather.

Parts of the Midlands were declared in drought on Friday (August 12) after seeing water supplies dwindle and extremely dry ground, causing an increase in wildfires.

Weather experts have warned the torrential rain forecast in some areas won’t necessarily help the areas affected by the drought.

What is the weather forecast for the West Midlands?

The Met Office has said the Midlands can expect fresher weather on Wednesday after scattered thunderstorms on Tuesday.

It said despite bright and sunny spells towards the north of the region, showers will develop turning heavy and thundery in places with a risk of hail, lightning, and localised flooding.

Showers will potentially start tonight before a cloudier and drier start to the day tomorrow (August 17).

What is the weather forecast for the East Midlands?

The Met Office has said the East Midlands can expect mostly clouds on Tuesday, with scattered showers throughout the day.

Heavy showers will develop further into the day with some thunder predicted.

Showers will continue into this evening and overnight before clouds and lighters rain starts the day tomorrow (August 17).