Tom Hardy wins gold medal at Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition in Wolverhampton

Six-year-old Ollie met Tom Hardy on Saturday Credit: Carla Frost

By ITV News Central Production Journalist Victoria Armstrong

Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy has been spotted in Wolverhampton at a charity Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition.

The 44-year-old was competing in the Reorg Jiu-jitsu and Parajiu-jitsu championship at Aldersley Leisure Village on Saturday (August 20).

He won gold at the charity event but took to the time to embrace fans after it had finished.

Big Tom Hardy fans Carla and Ollie rush to meet the London-born actor after they heard the A-lister was in Wolverhampton.

Mum-of-two Carla Frost received a text message saying the famous actor was in the local area.

Carla and Ollie couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet him Credit: Carla Frost

Ms Frost and her six-year-old son, Ollie, are huge fans of the Mad Max, Peaky Blinders, and Venom actor, and couldn't pass up the opportunity of potentially meeting him.

The pair rushed to Aldersley Leisure Village, where the jiu-jitsu competition was being held, hoping to meet him.

Speaking to ITV News Central, the starstruck fan Ollie said he got to talk about jiu-jitsu with Tom Hardy.

Ollie's dad Chris Alcock said: "it was really good because he's never really met any celebrities and known about it and because he's a big fan it's good to see him meet someone actually behind the mask, so to see his reaction was brilliant."

Ms Frost, Ollie's Frost said she was a huge fan and has "been a fan for years".

She praised the actor's down-to-earth connection and kindness. "I think he's an amazing actor and person. His work with charities and his love for animals especially dogs.

"Through all his fame he is still so humble."

Ms Frost said her son Ollie was born premature and became ill at just 10 days old. She said he is a mature young boy but a bit sensitive and an old soul.

She said Ollie's favourite anti-hero is Venom, whom Hardy plays.

She said the actor "instinctively hugged Ollie when he started crying when he met him and calmed him down so quickly".

She adds: "Ollie is a bit of an emotional kid, he always has been. Tom said he could see Ollie had 'big feelings' and he was right."

An emotional Ollie meeting Tom Hardy Credit: Carla Frost

Ollie had not been taking part in the jiu-jitsu competition but has since signed up for a lesson at a club nearby after seeing his hero in action.

Reorg is a charity that works with frontline military who have serious life-altering injuries and also people suffering from PTSD and depression.

They teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help improve their physical abilities and psychological mindset.

The competition was put on to raise donations for military, veterans and emergency services suffering from life-changing injuries.

In an Instagram post, Reorg said they couldn't believe the turnout from competitors and their families.