West Midlands police chief wades in on Lincolnshire officers Macarena dancing row

Lincolnshire Police posted a video of some officers dancing the Macarena at Lincoln Pride on Saturday

The Chief Constable of the West Midlands has backed his colleagues in Lincoln, after a video of officers dancing the Macarena at Pride celebrations over the weekend was criticised by some on social media.

Sir Dave Thompson said he was "sick" of police forces being a "culture war football" as he waded in on the events of last weekend.

"I support @CCLincsPolice," he wrote in his tweet. "I see no criticism for policing dancing with communities at other events so is this something about Pride?

"It is seconds in a tour of duty and done professionally. Vital we engage at these events. I am sick of us being a culture war football."

It comes after Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable, Chris Haward, defended officers who had come under fire for dancing the Macarena at Lincoln Pride last Saturday.

A clip, shared online, showed officers dancing the Macarena on Saturday 20 August at the Tentercroft Street Car Park in Lincoln.

The officers were seen holding LGBTQ+ flags and enjoying the pride festivities as onlookers cheered them on.

But their actions were criticised by some social media users, who suggested police should not be involved in events.

Chief Constable Hayward tweeted in response: "Lincoln Pride is a celebration of inclusivity and representation within the LGBTQ+ community and, as Lincolnshire Police, we are there to support them and build confidence in our service.

“I expect my officers and staff to engage with people attending Pride; to chat, laugh, join in, and even dance, where it is appropriate to do so and does not detract from their duties.

"Policing is not just about enforcement and patrol but about engagement, understanding and being part of the community.

"We want everyone attending Lincoln Pride to know that we are there for them and that our service to Lincolnshire communities is truly inclusive."