Oops! West Brom star admits eight month long laundry mix-up on Tik Tok

"I'm an idiot!" Daryl Dike's Tik Tok video has racked up over 50,000 views

West Brom striker Daryl Dike has admitted on TikTok that he's been washing his clothes with dishwasher detergent for 8 months.

The 22-year-old American had mistaken it for washing machine tablets in the supermarket when he was first shopping for his apartment.

"I have been washing my clothes with dishwasher soap, since I've been here," he said, laughing and shocked. "I have lived in England for 8 months!" He later told his followers on TikTok last night of his mistake, when he called himself "an idiot".

When asked by ITV Central how his clothes feel now he admitted, "I haven't actually used the new tablets yet!"

Dike previously played on loan for Barnsley and at Orlando FC Credit: PA

The Oklahoma born footballer came to the UK in January when he signed for West Brom, though has spent most of that time injured"Funny story time and yes I know before I continue, I'm stupid," he said.

"I will hold my hands up but.... so for the longest time I thought that my washing machine was... just very bad."

"But anyways when I came into this apartment I brought this massive bag of 'laundry' detergent to wash all my clothes. So I went to the store because I thought 'I've got to go buy some more'"

"So then I was looking at the bag and I can't find the bag anywhere in the store and I'm sitting there like 'Why can't I find it?', so I come back to my apartment and I'm like (shows dishwasher detergent)... this is what I've been using."

"I'm an idiot, how do i even do that!"