Unwanted cat finds home after 200 days in rescue and US offer

Zara puts her paws up in a 'purrfect' new home after enduring a long 200-day wait Credit: RSPCA

An unwanted black cat who had been in rescue for seven months has found a new home after receiving offers from as far as the United States.

Zara had spent seven months at the RSPCA's Stafford, Wolverhampton and District branch without interest from adopters.

After an appeal earlier this month, the animal charity was inundated with offers, including one from across the world.

She is now settling into a new home with Carl and Clare Jones, from Tipton.

The three-year-old cat had come into the rescue centre after being in freezing temperatures in Aston, Birmingham in January - along with her two 24-hour-old kittens, one of whom died.

Although her kitten was rehomed quickly, charity volunteers believed Zara's all-black colouring was putting people off.

But Tracey Rogers, who's rehoming officer for the RSPCA branch, said it received an overwhelming response to its appeal.

The animal charity RSPCA said black cats can often take longer to rehome Credit: RSPCA

There was nationwide interest in her, with one couple coming forward from the USA.

"Zara didn't really fancy travelling that far though and we're over the moon that she's settled in only a few miles up the road with her wonderful new family, Carl and Clare and their two children," Ms Rogers said.

Mrs Jones said: "Zara is enjoying her new life with us and has definitely got her paws under the table.

"She has such a loveable and affectionate personality and adores playing and being around both our children - she really is the perfect cat and we're so glad she's settled in so nicely with us."