Domestic abuse survivors say 'cannot leave abuser' due to cost of living crisis

Nicky Brennan, West Midlands Victims' Commissioner (left), and her team carried out the survey Credit: Handout/PA

Victims of domestic abuse have described themselves as "stuck" and "unable to leave (their) abuser" due to the cost of living crisis.

It has been revealed that more women, who are victims of abuse at home, say they cannot leave the violence they face because they simply don't have the money.

A recent survey carried out by the West Midlands Victims' Commissioner, Nicky Brennan, said abuse victims felt unable to raise enough funds to flee their home.

Victims and survivors have revealed harrowing stories of domestic abuse and violence at the hands of their partners - as many reveal the cost of living crisis is leaving them with fewer options to escape the dangers waiting for them at home.

  • These women explain the shocking abuse they face at the place they should call home

The women's voices have been altered in this video to protect their identity.

Most, if not all of those surveyed, were women, who talk about the shocking abuse they are facing.

One said: "Sometimes I don't have cash for food for myself. My mum and the food bank have helped but it can't go on."

"I cannot leave my abuser. I am stuck. No money, no place to go. Sometimes I think he will kill me."

Another added: "I just want to work and be independent but it's too hard."

"It's not my fault I was abused but it's made to feel like it is my fault."

"I am not allowed to have a light on, I must do anything like reading or bathing in daytime. I'm not allowed to use the electricity here."

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