Tamworth siege enters third day as man 'armed with crossbow' barricades himself in Airbnb

Police negotiators and armed officers have now been stationed outside the property in Cross Street, Kettlebrook, for more than 40 hours. Credit: BPM Media

A siege in Staffordshire involving a man reportedly armed with a crossbow has entered its third day.

Lengthy negotiations involving specialist police officers have left residents in Kettlebrook, Tamworth, unable to access their homes for over 40 hours.

The area has remained sealed off since police arrived at the scene on Cross Street at 10:30am on Tuesday [Sept 6].

A man has reportedly barricaded himself inside a property after an attempt was made by court officials to evict him.

He allegedly made threats and told police he had a weapon, with one witness describing seeing a crossbow.

A dramatic seige in which a man has barricaded himself in a property, armed with a crossbow, has now entered it's third day

Police officers said they did not believe there was a threat to the public as the negotiations continued. But neighbouring residents and businesses have been left frustrated by the lengthy operation.

One neighbour, who was staying at his parents as the incident unfolded, said on Wednesday: "I came back yesterday after work and saw the cordon - I had no idea it was here. 

"The bloke inside had police come out to him, two or three weeks ago, trying to get him out. Security or something came and I think they were trying to evict him. Then police got called about 30 minutes later."

Asked about suggestions the property was being used as an Airbnb, the neighbour added: "It's his house, but random people stay there every now and again. I've never seen any trouble from anyone staying there.

"There were a load of issues then with him trying to keep their possessions. He seems a bit of a nightmare."

The area has remained sealed off since police arrived at the scene on Cross Street at 10:30am on Tuesday [Sept 6]. Credit: BPM Media

Police also clarified that a McDonald's delivery made to the address yesterday [Sept 7] was for officers working a lengthy shift - not for the man responsible for the siege.

A woman told a reporter at the scene on Tuesday that the property in question was an Airbnb that she was also staying in.

She adds: "His room is opposite ours but I haven't spoken to him.

"We have been for a skiing lesson, come back and been told what's happened and that we can't go back inside.

"All my possessions are inside. It is so scary to think we could have been in there when this happened."

A spokesperson for Staffordshire Police said this morning (8 September): "Specialist negotiators continue to engage with a man who has barricaded himself in a property in Kettlebrook in Tamworth overnight.

Police and specialist negotiators have been on scene for more than 40 hours

The man was due to be evicted on Tuesday (6 September). Court enforcement officers had called us after the man said he had a weapon inside. Officers have maintained a presence in the area overnight to keep people safe.

"As a result, there is not believed to be a wider threat to the public at this time. Reports that fast food was delivered to the man in the property are incorrect – this was for officers who had been on a night shift and were handing over to colleagues.

"We understand the situation is frustrating to local residents and businesses – we are doing all we can to resolve the situation as swiftly and safely as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time."