Leicester lays wreaths in honour of Queen Elizabeth II

People in the Midlands have continued to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. 

In Leicester civic leaders laid wreaths and spoke of their thoughts of the Queen, and the sense of her connection to the city.

At the city's Green Dragon Square dignitries gathered to paid their respects.

The Bishop of Leicester, The Rt Rev Martyn Snow said he has a sense of numbness.

He said: "We knew this day was going to come, we've prepared for it, planned for it and yet, now it's come there is a deep sense of both sadness but also thankfulness for all that the Queen has given to us."

The Queen's last visit to Leicester was in 2017 when she visited Leicester Cathedral to attend the Royal Maundy service.

A visit that meant a great deal to the city and to those who attended.

In 2012 another royal visit - this was part of Her Majesty's royal tour to mark 60 years on the throne.

Thousands turned out to be a part of the historic day, when she was joined by Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The square and council buildings are being lit in purple as a mark of respect and the square is open to receive floral tributes.

A place for the people of Leicester to gather to consider and reflect on Her Majesty's legacy.