Royal cars displayed at British Motor Museum in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

"She is how the world sees our country and for her to be travelling in cars made in this country of course is quite fitting."

These are the words of the British Motor Museum's head of collections Stephen Laing as the site pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by showcasing a number her cars.

Thousands of people have been expressing their sadness since Buckingham Palace announced the death of the Queen on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Many have been posting their messages of sorrow on social media, whereas others have been signing books of condolences that have been created across the country.

Religious buildings have also been opening up allowing people to light candles and pray for the Queen.

Cars at the British Motor Museum

Staff at the museum in Warwick have done their own special tribute by bringing out several of the Queen's cars into their reception for people to look at and pay their respects.

The collection includes three of her personal cars and three state cars used for touring the world.

One of which is the first bespoke Royal Land Rover state review car, one of the fleet of vehicles used for the Queen's first Commonwealth tour in 1953 and 1954.

Stephen Laing, head of collections, British Motor Museum

Mr Laing said: "It's the primary car that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh toured and the first chance really for thousands and thousands of people to see their new queen.

"Everyday we see the cars and they are really special.

Pictures from British Pathé of the Queen's Commonwealth Tour

"We've got these formal cars and we've got some cars from more private life as well and when something like this happens of course they become more poignant.

"For my colleagues and I, it has given us an extra resonance with them.

"I think the Queen has been has been fantastic at supporting all kinds of industries in the UK and the motor industry is absolutely one of those."

The collection pays tribute to the Queen

The collection also includes 1971 Rover P5B, the personal property of the Queen which is on long-term loan to the museum.

A number of other Royal vehicles are also on display at the site including another Land Rover used by the Queen.

Mr Laing said: "She is one of the most important people in our history and will be to come.

"She is really the first of the Royal family to extensively use the motor car all around the world both in her private life and her life in public.

The collection is home to several of the Queen's cars

"I think it is absolutely right that we've got a flavour of how she travelled the world and how she represented our country everyday."

The museum also posted a tribute on its website following the news of the Queen's death.

The post reads: "We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and offer our sincere condolences to His Majesty ​T​he King ​and the Royal Family at this time.

"The Museum will remain open except on the day of the State Funeral."