Girl who matched Queen's pink outfit in 'picture-perfect' Birmingham encounter recalls special day

  • Taahlia Cameron and her mum Sophie tell ITV News Central journalist Rosie Dowsing about their special encounter with the Queen.

A girl who met the Queen in Birmingham when she was just four years old says her memories of the monarch's beaming smile have become even more special following her death.

Taahlia Cameron, now 11, wore a pink coat that unintentionally matched the Queen's bright pink outfit, making for a 'picture-perfect' moment.

"I remember her smile and her kind manner," Taahlia said, as she revisited the tram stop where the special meeting took place.

Taahlia Cameron, 4, meets Queen Elizabeth during her last official visit to Birmingham in 2015 Credit: West Midlands Metro

Taahlia's mum Sophie Allison, who works for West Midlands Metro, said she wanted her daughter to wear navy when they heard the Queen was coming to officially rename a tram on the network in 2015.

But four-year-old Taahlia insisted on pink, and although it no longer fits, she still has the coat she wore during that special encounter.

Sophie said: "When we went shopping for the coat I insisted she had navy blue which was smart colour.

"Taahlia wanted the pink one so we gave in, and on the day the Queen arrived in pink and it just turned out perfect for the pictures."

Taahlia still has the little pink coat she wore on that memorable day meeting the Queen in 2015. Credit: Sophie Allison

That day in November 2015 was the Queen's last official visit to Birmingham.

After officially opening New Street Station, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh officially named one of the new Midland Metro Trams operating in the city.

It was at the newly opened tram stop in Bull Street where four year old Taahlia and her mum Sophie were waiting for Her Majesty with flowers.

Having just started secondary school, Taahlia says she's old enough now to understand just how special it was to meet the country's longest serving monarch.

She said: "it makes me feel really lucky, because at the time I didn't know how lucky it was that not everybody gets to meet the Queen.

"It makes me feel proud but also quite sad that now she's gone. But we'll keep her in our hearts and we'll pray for her."

Taahlia, 11, with the newspaper article about the Queen's special visit in 2015. Credit: Sophie Allison

Sophie and Taahlia are still beaming with pride seven years later.

Sophie said: "Just looking at that photo it's fantastic, you remember the day, you remember the great opportunity we had.

"It was a privilege and we've now got the picture up across the dining table, taking centre stage in the house."

After speaking to ITV News Central at the same tram stop where they met the Queen in 2015, Sophie and Taahlia went on to visit the flowers laid at Birmingham Cathedral to pay their respects.