Police officers diverted from the Queen's funeral to deal with violent unrest in east Leicester

A large police presence was reported in Leicester over the weekend Credit: Leicester Media Online

Police officers, who were deployed to London to patrol the Queen's funeral today were recalled back to Leicestershire to help control violent unrest in the city.

On Saturday night, a review was carried out which recalled the officers to East Leicester, after violence and disorder broke out again within the community.

Around 200 people marched towards Highfields during an unauthorised protest.

Police said all available officers were called to the scene to disperse crowds, as extras were drafted in.

An opposing group was then reported to have gathered as more violence and unrest continued.

A large police presence continued yesterday afternoon (September 18) in Belgrave Road, Leicester as an unauthorised protest took place.

Police at the scene in Leicester Credit: Leicester Media Online

Reports stated people in masks tried to march down Leicester's golden mile. Police dispersed of the crowd shortly after.

Leicestershire Police's Temporary Chief Constable, Rob Nixon, said the local officers had been deployed to the capital to help police around a million people travelling to London to pay their respects to the late monarch.

He said the violence and disorder "continues to be a fast-moving situation, linked with a large-scale policing operation."

"We are still using stop and search powers and any outbreaks of disorder will be dealt with positively. I am repeating my call for calm," he added.

"This is a complex picture and we know that a flashpoint incident placed further focus on tensions that had been simmering for quite some time. This has led a number of people who are not from Leicester to come to Leicester and become involved."

"We and our partners are keen to understand the community concerns and the situation as it is developing - and we will all be continuing to work hard in order to find a resolution."

Violence broke out in the city after an India v Pakistan cricket match on August 28.

The unrest between Hindu and Muslim communities in Leicester had calmed until last weekend.