Nottinghamshire mum finds out she is pregnant and goes into labour next day

Molly says she had "no idea" she was pregnant. Credit: BPM Media

A Nottinghamshire woman was left shocked when she went into labour just 24 hours after discovering she was pregnant.

Molly Gilbert discovered she was pregnant on Wednesday 7 September, went into labour the next day and gave birth to her son in the early hours of Friday 9 September.

The 25-year-old from Trowell says she had no idea she was expecting and had no time to prepare for the arrival of her son, Beau, at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The operations support worker explained she had been going to the doctor over the last few months as she felt something 'wasn't right', and she had been tested for a number of different conditions.

She said: "I've been going back and forth to the doctor since the end of March as my weight has been really up and down, it has been for years, but it was noticeably different these last few months.

"I was being tested for lymphedema and lipoedema because they just thought it was water retention or something like that."

She adds: "They checked diabetes and thyroids and things like that but said it wasn't that. So I was just really trying to say that there is definitely something wrong with me, I don't feel right."

Molly then went for further blood tests on Monday, September 5, and received the results two days later which was that she had low iron and a problem with her liver.

She said: "I was like well at least I've got kind of an answer to what's going on, but then an hour later they rang me back and said actually we've had the rest of the blood results, and you're pregnant.

"I said no I'm really not I can't be, and if I am I'm like six months. I split up with my boyfriend in March, so I was like there's no chance, no, not a chance."

Beau is now two weeks old. Credit: BPM Media

Doctors encouraged Molly to immediately see a midwife, due to how far along in the pregnancy she predicted she was.

Molly's midwife then planned to get her in for another blood test the following afternoon, and a scan the following week.

Molly went home to tell her mum, thinking "right, at least we have a few weeks to kind of plan what's going on, we have to get sorted."

She says she went to work as normal the next day and when she went to meet her mum for lunch her waters broke.

"My mum rang an ambulance and they took me in. They wanted to scan me as we had no idea how far gone I was, no idea about anything.

"They scanned me and they actually laughed, they were like 'you're 39 weeks and 6 days. You're having a boy and he's coming now.' I was like 'oh no, this can't be happening'."

Molly described the whole experience as "crazy."

She says having no time to plan the birth meant she had no time to panic or for anyone to tell her any horror stories.

She says friends and family have been very supportive.

"I've been really lucky, I've had so many people wanting to give me stuff thinking I won't have anything. A lot of people have been round and brought me stuff and my parents went and got me a pram, so it's not like I came home to nothing."

Molly's dad, Vince Gilbert, 66, says he's pleased with the healthy arrival of his now 2-week-old grandson, despite the initial shock.

"He's absolutely stunning, to say nobody knew he was there, he has turned out very well. We are over the moon", Vince added.

Molly's mum, Margaret Gilbet, said: "I'm still in shock, I still can't believe it but he's here."

"If I had had time to think about it I would have been thinking oh god she won't cope, but this has just come like a miracle."

Margaret says her daughter is an "amazing" mum, adding: "I don't think she ever would have planned one, but he seems to be like heaven sent."

Molly says when she wasn't feeling herself being pregnant "didn't cross her mind" but she's thrilled with the arrival of her son.

"I had no symptoms at all, no sickness or anything, it was just kind of like weight gain but it wasn't like a bump", says Molly, "I didn't have any movement, my placenta was at the front acting like a cushion so I didn't even feel him."

She says despite splitting with her ex back in March the pair remain good friends and "he was quite calm" when she first broke the news to him.

"He was just shocked", she adds.