Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Raging Bull will leave its Centenary Square home

The Raging Bull attracted thousands of visitors since it appeared in the Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony Credit: ITV News Central

The breakout star of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony will leave its position in Centenary Square tomorrow.

The Raging Bull was housed in Centenary Square in Birmingham city centre after it appeared in the Commonwealth Games kick-off event in July.

Standing at 10 metres tall and weighing 2.5 tonnes, the huge mechanical structure proved a highlight for thousands throughout Birmingham's biggest sporting event.

After two months in the city, Thursday (September 22) will be the last day to see the bull in action.

The Bull was the City’s most visited tourist attraction during the Games Credit: PA

It is not clear what time The Raging Bull will leave Centenary Square, but the move of the giant structure has been planned to coincide with the start of Birmingham's Pride celebrations.

Many people took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the bull leaving.

One fan wrote: "Please don't let this be the last time the bull is ever seen in public again. I have a soft spot for this incredible piece of art!!"

Another hoped the artwork would stay in the City for people to see it. The tweet wrote "Nooooooo… please keep it somewhere in the city."

The 10-metre-tall Bull has been on public display in Centenary Square for just under two months Credit: PA

The bull, which took a team of 60 five months to build, was seen by over four million visitors during the Games.

In a rare interview, the Bull said: "I have had a truly fabullous time."

"Birmingham’s people really are adoreabull.

"The city really bulled out all the stops and made this time so unbullievable not just for me, but for the international sports stars that came to the Games."

"I have been in over 4 million selfies so the steaks have been raised for future Games."

"Farewell to my Brummy family, I shall return soon and take the city by the horns once more!!"

Over 1 billion people watched the Raging Bull during the Opening Ceremony at Alexander Stadium Credit: PA

The structure was not built to withstand adverse weather, due to a foam layer which forms the outer skin making the moving bull vulnerable to colder weather.

Earlier this week the bull's official Twitter account, @Brummiebull, posted about leaving the city centre.

It read: "On what, already, is a sad day, I have more sad news. Apparently, I will be leaving you on the 23rd of September. To where? I don't know. When will I see you again? I don't know."

The Brummie Bull added, "anyone know what's happening?" as no details for the red-eyed monster's next chapter have been released.

A new home for the bull is yet to be confirmed, but a spokesperson from Birmingham 2022 said: "Plans are currently being finalised."

The Commonwealth Games team hope more details can be announced in the coming weeks after final details are confirmed.

After a huge public appeal to keep the bull, organisers agreed the most-visited tourist attraction of Birmingham 2022 will be kept in City.

The spokesperson said: "They are in advanced discussions with a local venue so that the Raging Bull can have a permanent home and will remain as a free-to-view attraction."