Telford man waiting for hip operation says 'going upstairs is like mountain climbing'

ITV News Central correspondent Lee Comley has been speaking with Graham Cotton who is suffering from hip pain.

A 68-year-old man has said he feels almost housebound after waiting more than a year for a hip operation date.

Graham Cotton and his wife Susan say they're restricted to their home largely because of the pain caused by Graham's hip.

The couple, who are from Telford, say they are anxiously waiting for an appointment letter to arrive, but say they feel forgotten about.

Mr Cotton struggles to make his way around his house and says the pain is affecting his quality of life: "It's affecting both of us. It's an achievement to walk across the room sometimes.

"Going upstairs is like mountain climbing. It's tremendously difficult and we need help. It affects my wife mentally.

"We can't do anything we can't go out anywhere. We can't plan anything. We're in trouble. We're in real trouble."

Graham, Susan, and family hiking - before the problems with his hip Credit: Graham and Susan Cotton

Mr Cotton's comments come as NHS trusts across the country are facing large backlogs of patients needing operations from the delays caused by Covid.

In a statement, the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust told ITV News Central: "Local patients are waiting less time for operations in our hospitals, with all patients undergoing surgery within 104 weeks.

"We are working with partners to provide as much elective orthopaedic surgery as possible and to provide additional capacity for elective orthopaedic operations in the coming weeks."

That 104-week target is set to be reduced to 78 by next April, as trusts start to catch up on the backlog of patients.

However, Mr Cotton is hoping and waiting for that appointment letter to arrive.