Last Ever Game at Sixways? Worcester Warriors director says club could be homeless by Monday

With debts in excess of  £25million - which includes millions in unpaid taxes - Worcester will host Newcastle tomorrow Credit: PA

Worcester Warriors director of Rugby Steve Diamond says his side will meet Newcastle on Saturday with the mindset that it is their last-game at Sixways.

Speaking at a press conference today he described the recent succession of losses and bad financial news as a “period of near-purgatory”. 

“It’s sad,” said Diamond. “It’s diabolical that it’s been allowed to walk itself to the graveyard virtually and I never thought it would get to this position. But it has.”

With debts in excess of  £25million - which includes millions in unpaid taxes - Worcester will host Newcastle tomorrow but must provide the  RFU with evidence by Monday that they have public liability insurance in place, can pay their staff and players and have a credible plan to take the club forward. 

Being uninsured, however, could lead to an immediate bar on using their home ground - even to train. 

“I’m really really proud of the lads going out tomorrow,” Diamond said. “There’s no team talk needed. But the the mindset tomorrow is that it’s our last game at Sixways, ever.” 

The RFU has warned Warriors will be suspended from all competitions if they fail to meet Monday’s deadline. HMRC have also served the club with a winding up order over £6 million in unpaid taxes. 

Culture minister Stuart Andrew has said the Government will “imminently” send in professional advisers to take a closer look at the club and potential options, adding that the government would not be afraid to put the Warriors into administration. 

Despite their woes, however, Diamond insisted today there is a future for Worcester.

“If people had the same mindset behind the scenes as I’ve got then it wouldn’t be in the position it’s in,” he said. 

“If the right people come with the right vision then it will be a success.” 

Responding to Steve Diamond’s comments, club owner Colin Goldring said: “We are not in the graveyard yet, we are still fighting to save the club and there are options still on the table - all options are being considered.” 

Co owner Jason Whittingham added: “There are agitators within the Club that seem determined to undermine efforts we are taking to ensure the Club survives.

“There's no walking into a graveyard there's constant work and battle to ensure it survives...despite their efforts to the contrary.”