Stoke dad who ran 900 miles for new disabled playground nominated for Pride of Britain award

ITV News Central correspondent Jane Hesketh has been speaking with Mitchell Hulme

Earlier in the summer, Mitch ran from Lands End to John O Groats to raise money for his daughter Dolly's special needs school.

Mitch, from Stoke-on-Trent, was gutted that Horton Lodge special community school in Rudyard in Staffordshire couldn't afford playground equipment for their children. 

What they had was in disrepair and unusable, and because of the children's complex needs, they needed specialist equipment which would cost £150k.

Mitch did the run in 34 days and ran 905 miles. 

Mitch ran over 900 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for a new playground Credit: ITV News Central

He was spurred on by messages from his 9-year-old daughter Dolly who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. 

Mitch, who is a professional cleaner by trade, believes every child should have the right to play outside, particularly if they have special needs, as they can't use ordinary playground equipment.

He has raised thousands of pounds so far and says he won't stop running until he has raised the lot.

Speaking to ITV News Central, he says: "I saw on Facebook they needed a new playground, I'm a professional cleaner by trade, I thought I could clean it and make it look brand new for them but that isn't the case, it's run down and they need new equipment."

"That night I cried in my van all night and I knew something has got to be done."

He said: "Every kid at school looks forward to lunchtime and playing in the playground with mates. 

"But these kids can't they don't have the luxury of a playground at the moment so I will keep running till every single penny is raised."

So far Mitch has raised £12,000 and the school are delighted he's determined to raise more.

Credit: ITV News Central

Headteacher Lucy Bloor said: "Mitch knew how important this was to us, he knew it would take an immense effort, to get us what we need." 

"The equipment is so specialised so it would be a huge thing for us to raise the funds to do it to the extent we need to."

"His achievement was incredible because 8 months ago he was hit by a lorry and fractured his spine in 3 places; but he recovered and trained hard, determined that Dolly should have what other children take for granted."

Mitch is planning to do the run again for the school, but this time he wants to be the fastest person ever to complete it.