Evesham farm fears for animals lives unless nearly £1 million is raised to buy land

ITV Central reporter Dani Crawshaw visited Manor Orchard Farm in Evesham which is under threat of closure.

For more than 30 years, Manor Orchard Farm in Evesham have been looking after unwanted, neglected and mistreated animals.

The owner is now selling the land and unless one million pounds is raised, the farm will have to close.

This means that more than 600 animals could lose their homes and even their lives.

Josie Kemp, the farm vet told ITV News Central that she fears for the welfare of the older animals if the money isn't raised.

"Having to move them, or if we did decide that they are too elderly to move, or have certain health conditions, moving them isn't an option, they would have to be put down - so it's a big concern for us."

In the 30 years that Manor Orchard Farm has been there, they say their team have made a lot of improvements to create a better, more comfortable life for the neglected animals. The farm has built new paddocks, purchased stables, field shelters and much more.

"It would be very challenging to find the 600 animals a new home. It's very distressing for both the staff and the animals", Nicholas Jones, one of the farm workers told us.

Despite concerns, the founder of the sanctuary, Jan Taylor, made a promise to the animals:

"We will raise the money, theres no doubt about it because it has to happen.

"We promised these animals a home for life and we are not going to let them down.

"It's hard work and we are not expecting it to be easy but it's unthinkable that we're not going to do this."

The farm has raised £161,368.66 so far and is hoping that the generosity of people will save it.