Paralysed scuba diver awaits confirmation on breaking three world records

Video credit: Dan Metcalfe

By ITV Central production journalist Nick Reid

A paralysed scuba diver from the East Midlands is waiting for confirmation that he has broken three world records.

Dan Metcalfe, from Grantham, took on the challenge in Leicester where he says he first broke the fastest mile scuba diving in fresh open water with a swimming band around his legs - and the fastest in his disability category.

He then says he broke the record for the greatest distance scuba dived on the same day for his category in fresh open water.

He spoke to ITV Central about the challenge and what it meant to him to take part.

He said: "It's a great feeling, but in all it wasn't for the world records it was for raising awareness and for raising money for  these charities that I have chosen.

"And the awareness for disability diving is amazing. When we're underwater we're in another world you are out of the wheel chair you are weightless you are free you are equal to the person next to you.

"It's another world to get out of your head as well. If you are having any PTSD problems like I have any mental health issues and things like that, diving really helps.

Dan is awaiting confirmation on whether he has broken the three world records Credit: Dan Metcalfe

"Just getting in the water in that other world it's quiet, you are with yourself, it's almost a meditation.

"Unless you are swimming as fast as you physically can then it's not quite meditation its swimming as hard as possible."

Dan was paralysed from the bellybutton down following a motorcycle crash in 2014.

He was then involved in a second crash in 2018 whilst taking part in a charity bike ride, but despite two life-changing accidents, he hasn't lost his spirit or determination.

He completed his world record attempt at Stoney Cove, in Leicester.

The first of his challenges was for the fastest mile scuba dived in fresh open water with a swimming band around his legs.

At the same time he was going for a second world record which was the fastest mile scuba diving in fresh open water as Muscle Paralysis 2, which is his Guinness World Record category for his disability.

Dan and his team were given two hours to beat and they did it in one hour and 28 minutes.

Dan as he completes his challenges Credit: Dan Metcalfe

After that he carried on and pushed for his third world record for the greatest distance scuba dived as an MP2 in fresh open water.

Dan went on to beat the 5km target, finished on 5.246km in 5 hours and 32 minutes.

He said: "It's a long time underwater. We were going big from the start. The main purpose is to push boundaries, push the limits and show that disabled people are out there and we do stuff and that there is no limits to us.

"We are unstoppable so it was to raise awareness for disability sports, raise awareness for disability diving and to raise awareness for a lot of mental health issues as well.

"The team pulled together, it was amazing to see. I have to give a shout out to my cameraman Rob Thomas.

"He was in the water with me the whole time, he did an amazing job. The whole team did an amazing job."

As part of the attempt Dan was raising money for MAGPAS Air Ambulance, The Scuba Trust & Stoney Cove Dive Centre.

To donate, visit Dan's Just Giving page, by clicking here.