Pablo the singing goat leaves people in stitches in TikTok video during Worcester Cathedral service

Hilarious footage of a goat singing during an animal blessing service at Worcester Cathedral has gone viral on TikTok - with more than two million views.

Pablo the goat sent people into stitches after he appeared to "bleat" along to the organ as Worcester Cathedral held a special animal blessing service last week.

Two alpacas, who are fellow residents of Pablo at Attwell Farm Park in Redditch, also attended the service.

The service, filmed and shared on TikTok, will also be broadcast on BBC's Songs of Praise next month.

"We think Pablo the goat enjoyed the Animal Blessing Service," Worcester Cathedral said.

Sarah Bower, spokesperson for Worcester Cathedral, said the response to Pablo's antics has been "very positive".

She said: "Pablo really enjoyed himself - he was very vocal.

"The video response has been very positive. People have just found it hilarious."