Pilot creates world’s largest portrait of the Queen on two-hour flight over the Midlands

Photo Credit: Flightradar24 / Amal Larhlid

A pilot has created the world's largest portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by flying an aircraft over parts of the Midlands.

Amal Larhlid flew a Piper PA-28 for two hours in the shape of the Queen's side profile, all to raise money for Hospice UK, and to pay respects to the Queen.

The flight covered 256 miles, and flew from Milton Keynes to Warwickshire, with a jewel in the centre directly over Northampton.

In an interview with ITV News Central Ms Larhild said: "There were a few things that were challenging about the flight, the first thing was the weather, I had to postpone my first attempt because the weather wasn't very good. The cloud base was very low.

"Obviously the other thing, was trying to draw the crown in a very accurate way especially the diamond in the middle, which required additional focus

"The jewell of the crown was over Northampton, because it was very windy I had to pay additional attention to how I executed that part of the flight."

Ms Larhild added that she decided to raise money for Hospice UK, as she lost her own parents when she was young.

She said: "This charity is very close to my heart I lost both of my parents when I was a child and hospice support was not available at the time.

"So I am really passionate to raise money for people affected by death and bereavement."

Ms Larhild only recently learnt to fly, and came up with the fundraising idea as a way to combine her different passions.

She added: "I want to demonstrate the ability to be able to do anything you want if you believe in yourself, so you can do anything that you put your mind to.

"Bringing all of these together was the reason to do this challenge."