Father of six-year-old recalls daughter covered in blood after she was hit by e-scooter rider

ITV News Central Reporter Lucy Kapasi speaks to a family who are worried about the safety of e-scooters

A father who saw his six-year-old daughter covered in blood after being hit by an e-scooter is warning about the danger they pose.

Bushra Shah, from Nottinghamshire, was left screaming after the incident which involved a privately owned scooter.

Her father, Abbas Shah, says he is alarmed by the increasing use of e-scooters and insists that "someone needs to speak about it."

Mr Shah told ITV News Central: "It was just coming in the blink of a second, I heard a scream from Bushra and the e-scooter hit my daughter really hard and then I saw my daughter all in blood."

Nottinghamshire police confiscated the scooter from the rider but Mr Shah, speaking about the accident, warned "tomorrow it could be so much worse."

Private e-scooters cannot legally be used in the UK except on private land but are a common sight on roads and pavements in urban areas.

Mr Shah also expressed his concern over rental e-scooters.

Nottinghamshire last year recorded the second highest number of e scooters crashes in England:

Pilot projects are currently operating in Nottingham and Derby where riders can legally rent a scooter as a quick and easy form of transport.

There are strict rules to follow but some riders are not only breaking them, but the law too.

Superpedestrian, which operates Nottingham's rental scooter scheme says there have been almost 2 million rides since the trial began with the majority complying with the rules.

However, there have been problems with scooters abandoned on the side of roads.

Superpedestrian have brought in 10 new docking hubs to encourage better parking.

They are also introducing innovative new pavement detection technology later this month which has so far only been used in the United States to allow them to easily detect those disobeying the rules.

Initially the firm will aim to educate riders but say they won't tolerate reckless behaviour and will disqualify repeat offenders.

Meanwhile, Nottinghamshire Police said they would urge people to fully understand the law and the implications of using a private e-scooter in public.