Birmingham 2022 opening ceremony raging bull leaves the city dismantled

The bull has been dismantled Credit: ITV Central

The raging mechanical bull which featured in the opening ceremony of Birmingham's Commonwealth Games has been dismantled and has now left the city.

The Raging Bull was housed in Centenary Square in Birmingham city centre after it appeared in the Commonwealth Games kick-off event in July.

The raging bull in centenary square this summer Credit: ITV Central

The structure, which stood at 10 metres tall and weighed 2.5 tonnes, proved a highlight for thousands throughout Birmingham's biggest sporting event.

It took a team of 60 five months to build and was seen by over four million visitors during the Games.

However, the structure was not built to withstand adverse weather, due to a foam layer which forms the outer skin making the moving bull vulnerable to colder weather.

The bull has been dismantled Credit: ITV Central

The large structure was moved from Centenary Square in Birmingham at the end of September to an industrial site in Ladywood.

Now, its' horns and other features have been removed so it could be lifted onto a truck.

It's being taken to London for repairs, before its permanent home in Birmingham is decided.