Widow of ambulance worker, who died during pandemic dreads possible return of Boris Johnson

Julie Goodwin told ITV News Central reporter Rajiv Popat that she dreads the thought of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson returning.

The widow of a paramedic, who died during the coronavirus pandemic, has told ITV News Central that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson caused "too much damage".

Julie Goodwin's life changed forever after her husband Charlie Goodwin died back in 2020.

His widow, Julie, was left alone to care for their two adult children who have additional needs and need around-the-clock support.

Ms Goodwin said: "I won’t like it very much because he did a lot of damage.

"There could have been a lot of people’s lives saved if he’d done things properly while it was all happening i.e. having a lockdown sooner."

She added: “Going back to Covid days and when my husband died at the beginning of Covid, I always put a lot of the blame at his door because if we had a lockdown sooner rather than later, and opened up later rather than sooner, there wouldn’t have been so many people who died."

Following the partygate scandal, Julie called for Boris Johnson to resign because her family couldn't be with Charlie when he died, due to lockdown restrictions.

Charlie Goodwin worked as a paramedic during the coronavirus pandemic

Charlie, who was 61, from Bilsthorpe near Mansfield, had worked as an ambulance driver for more than 20 years.

The frontline worker was rushed to King's Mill Hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield on April 8 2020 where he was admitted into intensive care.

Mr Goodwin sadly passed away twelve days later after he stopped responding to treatment.

She said due to lockdown restrictions her family couldn't be with Charlie when he died.