More than 40 bikes stolen from Walsall community group who teach those without a bike how to cycle

Our reporter Hannah Bechelet met with the group to find out how this has impacted the community.

A Walsall community has been left feeling 'deprived', after thieves stole 45 of their 55 bikes.

The group, Agenda 21, runs 'Learn to Ride' sessions from its community hub in Reedswood park.

It gives people access to a bike, when they might not have one at home and gives people a free opportunity to learn cycle safety.

The bikes were stored in a newly installed storage container Credit: ITV News

Last week a container housing 45 of the group's 55 community bikes was broken into and emptied.

The container had only been installed the week before with money from British Cycling and Walsall Council, as a more secure way to store the bikes rather than inside the community hall.

The theft has devastated the volunteers, with the Chair, Chris Jones, saying he had 'never seen anything so despicable' in his 25 years of representing the community.

Chris Jones said: "The theft of all these cycles has deprived the community of a very well attended event."

One of the boys taking part in the cycle session Credit: ITV News Central

This week's session was only able to go ahead thanks to the kind donation of 15 bikes from members of the community, which were then serviced by volunteers.

The Project Lead, Shokt Fazal says he has been overwhelmed by the reaction: "Everybody, as soon as they found out has helped out; we've had 15 bikes donated literally straight away.

"We've had donations of cash as well. People have been very supportive.

"On Sunday I felt like giving up but now with the love and empathy shown by people, it's given me even more motivation to make the project even bigger and better than ever."