Abandoned German Shepherd found tied to lamp post outside RSPCA in Derby

The two-year-old German Shepherd Credit: RSPCA

A healthy two-year-old German Shepherd has been found abandoned outside an RSPCA centre in Derby.

The female dog was found tied to a lamp post near the animal rehoming shelter on Abbey Street.

CCTV TV shows the young dog becoming 'instantly distressed' after a woman walked away from tying her up at around 7 o'clock on the evening of October 12.

Just three minutes later a group of six men were spotted walking away with the dog before she was returned to the centre by another man the following day.

The RSPCA say it does not know why the men intervened but believe it’s possible they saw her being left and were concerned for the dog's welfare.     

 Staff at the centre have named the German Shepherd Abbey.

Abbey was microchipped but the details are thought to be no longer accurate.

Leanne Bojko, team leader for the kennel is urging pet owners to contact rehoming centres directly so staff can outline all options available.

She said: "Even though she was tied up outside the centre, the circumstances in which Abbey was left were far from ideal."

"We would always urge people to contact rescue organisations directly so they can advise you about what might be best for your pet and to be cautious about approaching dogs you don’t know, especially at a time when that animal is likely to be feeling anxious and confused."

Speaking about Abbey, she said the two-year-old " is a lovely dog and despite what she’s been through, she’s taken everything in her stride and is always so happy to see you."

Credit: RSPCA

"She’s a little bewildered about being in kennels, which is understandable, given that probably not long ago she would have been settled in a home environment," she continued.

"We’re teaching her a few commands and she’s picking them up so quickly - her favourite pastime at the moment is playing with her tennis balls on rope."

"She’s a young dog with her whole life ahead of her and we really hope that there’s someone out there for Abbey."

The RSPCA says it's unclear why the German Shepherd was abandoned.

It is looking for a home for Abbey with adults and teens only, due to their limited knowledge about her past.

The centre said she will need to be the only pet so her new family can focus on her training and care, and is encouraging people with lots of dog experience to take her in. 

RSPCA inspector Pamela Bird has asked members of the public to come forward with information about who might have owned Abbey.

She said: "It’s always very sad to see pets being left in circumstances like this and the footage shows Abbey becoming instantly distressed as the woman walks away.

"It’s a busy road and we’re just thankful that she didn’t come to any harm. We would urge anyone who is struggling to look after their animals - at what is a very difficult economic time for many people - to seek advice and support.”

Cost-of-living advice for pet owners can be found on the RSPCA's website for people struggling to look after their animals.