Family thank strangers who stayed with dying daughter Tehleigher Bunting on Leicester roadside

ITV News Central Correspondent Rajiv Popat met the grieving family of teenager Tehleigher Bunting

The family of a 14-year-old girl who died following a crash in Leicester has thanked the strangers that stayed with her before emergency services arrived.

Tehleigher Bunting died after a car collided with her and her friend at the junction of Braunstone Lane and Mortimer Way in Braunstone last week (26 October).

Her family described the teenager as a caring, outgoing young woman who loved life and the people she spent it with.

Her mother, Zoe Denton, said she wanted to be either a police officer or serve in the armed forces, she hadn't decided for certain, but knew she wanted a career which involved caring for others.

Her stepfather, Shane Patterson, said she always knew how to cheer him up after a hard day at work.

Speaking to ITV News Central, they said: "She was just absolutely gorgeous."

"She lived for her family and her best friends Taylor and Isabel," her mum Zoe said.

Stepfather Shane said: "I'd come home from a hard day and she'd just poke her head from around the corner and pull some silly face.

"She made me laugh and we just laughed together and it just lightens you up."

She was one of 10 siblings and adored spending time with them.

"If I ever got picked on, she was the first one to be there," said her sister Kira Mcgarley.

Her family say since her death they have received kind and supportive messages from all over the world.

They especially want to thank the three strangers that stayed with her at the roadside until the emergency services arrived, when they couldn't be there for her.

A 38-year-old man has been charged with one count of causing death by dangerous driving in connection with Tehleigher's death.

He is due to appear at Leicester Crown Court in December.