Moment passenger train collides with metal insulation board causing huge bang and sparks

People were shocked when a huge bang was caused after a passenger train struck a piece of metal insulation, which came loose from a building.The collision happened just after 1pm on Wednesday (2 November) near Birmingham's Hamstead Station.

Network Rail said the piece of material blew onto the 25,000-volt overhead lines which power the trains, causing the sparks.

Engineers inspected the lines and said no damage was done so the trains were able to run as normal.

Network Rail is now urging people to tether loose items - such as building materials, garden furniture or trampolines - down during high winds, so that they don't end up causing damage or delay on the railway.

A spokesperson said: “Our specialist electrical engineers were sent to inspect the 25,000-volt overhead lines which power trains. It was after an aluminium insulation board blew onto them at twenty past one this afternoon, near Hamstead station in Birmingham.

"Thankfully the incident caused no damage and trains were cleared to run as normal through the area."

A spokesperson for West Midlands Trains (operators of West Midlands Railway and London Northwestern Railway) told ITV News: "We are aware of the incident and it did not affect our service".