Leicester City striker Patson Daka tipped as Jamie Vardy's successor

  • ITV News Sports Correspondent Dan Salisbury-Jones spoke to Patson Daka, tipped as Jamie Vardy's successor as star striker at Leicester City

For the past eight seasons, Jamie Vardy has been Leicester City's star player and one of the most valuable strikers in the Premier League.

For every season he has played at the club, Vardy has been Leicester City's top Premier League scorer and last season, he scored 15 out of the club's 25 goals.

At the age of 33, most professional footballers are starting to slow down, but Vardy continues to defy expectations.

Last month, Jamie became the first English Premier League player to score 100 goals after the age of 30.

He is also one of the oldest players to have won the Premier League Golden Boot.

But Leicester know that this can't go on forever, and in an attempt to find his next successor, the club signed Patson Daka.

The 24-year-old has started three of the last four Premier League games, and is proving to be a starlet.

Vardy has played more minutes and started more times than Daka this season, but Daka has scored three times and Vardy has scored once, leading him to be tipped as Vardy's successor.

Who is Patson Daka?

Patson Daka was signed by Leicester City in June 2021 on a five year contract and scored his first goal for the club in October of the same year.

Despite Daka's recent performances suggesting that he could be Vardy's successor, Vardy has shown support for the rising star.

Speaking about his teammate, Daka said: "I've spoken about so many things with Jamie. It's easy to learn from him, he's an open person, you know, a very funny guy.

"Anytime you want to speak to him, you're free to speak to him. He's been so helpful so far for me."

Patson is known for his infectious smile. But his joy for life is in part shaped by the tragic loss of his father, when he was just 13.

"I always try to find positivity and everything, regardless of the situation and smiling is just part of me.

"I don't know how I can explain it but I would say it's part of my personality.

"I think it's also just one way to share some positivity also to other people, but you never know what someone is going through."

His performance on the football pitch demonstrates that he is an exceptional talent.

Daka's winning pre-match routine:

ITV News Central asked the up and coming striker what he thinks he can go on to achieve.

Daka replied: "Anything that I want, It's all up to me. How much I want it, how much I put in, in order to get it, because I'm my only limit."

Daka also revealed the secrets of his pre-match routine. He told ITV News Central that he watches 'America's Got Talent' before running onto the pitch.

"When I'm watching that, I get to hear other people's stories, different talents that they have, how they use them, what they've been through in order to for them to reach where they've reached.

"So it gives me that fire in me. And yeah, I like it."