Ex-England rugby star Tom Varndell issues plea to find Levi Davis who went missing in Barcelona

Bath Rugby shared an appeal saying Davis was last seen at The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona Credit: PA Images

The friend of an ex-Bath rugby star Levi Davis, who remains missing in Barcelona, has told ITV News his loved ones are "terrified".

Tom Varndell, who is a former Leicester Tigers and Wasps player, said: "[We're] obviously very concerned at the moment.

"We just want to track him down as soon as possible and get him home to his mum."

His comments come as concerns have been growing for the wellbeing of the Solihull-born former rugby player and celebrity X Factor singer - who was last seen leaving a pub in Barcelona on Saturday 29 October.

Mr Varndell told ITV News Central: "The fact that he hasn't made contact with anybody since the 29 October, not even his mum, is extremely worrying right now.

"It is so out of character for Levi to not make any contact whatsoever."

"It's hard when people are "jumping to conclusions", he adds.

Meanwhile Mr Davis' former club, Bath Rugby, has issued an appeal for information on his whereabouts and his loved ones say they are desperate to know where he is.

  • Tom Varndell says it is so out of character for his friend, Levi, to disappear and not be in contact with his friends and family.

Mr Varndell, who has started a social media campaign to help locate Mr Davis, continues: "I've been in contact with his brothers and sisters, mum and they're just all terrified about what is going on.

"And it is so out of character for Levi to not make any contact whatsoever, so it's a case of just trying to get all of the facts in place, trying to find out how many people have seen him and then piece that together without jumping to conclusions.

"At the moment, you can come up with so many different scenarios of how he's gone missing or where is he and obviously your mind does tend to go down darker paths, especially in a situation like this.

"Right now everyone is coming up with their own conclusions and not many of them are very positive conclusions.

"We just want to track him down as soon as possible and get him home to his mum."

The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona Credit: Google Street View

Who is Levi Davis?

The former Bath rugby star, who's 24-years-old, appeared on The X Factor Celebrity in 2019.

Mr Varndell said: "He is one of the nicest guys that I've come across.

"I've done a little bit of work with him over the course of the last year to do with his rugby, purely just his rugby and trying to get him to get back to the level that he was at prior to the X-Factor, when he was playing for Bath in the Premiership."

He adds: "He suffers massively from depression and he does have bouts of feeling very low and down and I think that's on the back of him.

"He bounced onto the scene in rugby very suddenly, he went up like a rocket, it was brilliant.

"Then there was the X Factor, then after that he got into some difficulty, and I think he struggled massively in that."

"His personal situation, it's very complicated," he continued.

"There's definitely some issues that he's been battling at the moment and for a while around his mental health.

"I put him in contact with some people to speak to and help with that but there's a lot of stuff which is above what I can understand really, and thats why this situation and him going missing, is very worrying."

His former club, Bath Rugby, issued an appeal for information about the whereabouts of the winger yesterday (6 October).

What do we know so far about Levi Davis going missing in Barcelona?

Mr Varndell said Levi went to see a friend in Ibiza when he suddenly left the apartment and friend he was staying with, leaving all of his belongings behind.

He got onto a boat to Barcelona and the last time he contacted anyone was on the 29 October.

The last time he was seen was on CCTV footage of him leaving the Irish bar at around 10:05pm.

Mr Varndell said: "Especially the fact that he hasn't got any of his belongings with him, other than his passport is very worrying."

The former Leicester and Wasps player added that the Spanish Police are "putting up missing posters and are checking various locations that have come through social media that he may have been."

The British Police and Spanish Police have been corresponding about the case but a fundraising page has been set up to raise money for Levi Davis' mum to travel to Barcelona, along with some of his closest friends.

Mr Varndell says the lack of contact is very out of character for the rugby player.

He said: "Levi is always very vocal, very vocal on social media and his platforms there.

"I was talking to him every single day.

"We exchanged some messages on the 29 October regarding some work stuff but he is always in contact with people."

After Mr Varndell put out a missing post on Twitter on Saturday, around 30 different people responded and said they had been in contact with him on the 28 and 29 October.

"That does raise alarm bells a little bit because he was reaching out to lots of different people," he said.

"It wasn't always a cry for help, some of it was general conversation, but there was just a lot of people he contacted in a short space of time, but to have nothing after that is worrying."

"A GoFund me page has been set up and I know some people are going out in the next 24 hours to try and find him.

"To look at any of these locations that have been brought up on the social media platforms.

"To see if he's out there, if he's staying at any hotels or hostels and we can bring him back home to get the support he needs."