RSPCA rescue dog after video shows it being dragged by woman on mobility scooter in Birmingham

This video contains distressing images

Watch as a dog was dragged behind a woman on a mobility scooter in Birmingham

Sickening footage has shown a dog being dragged by its lead as a woman travels on a mobility scooter in Erdington in Birmingham.

The harrowing video, taken by a man in a passing car, shows the woman driving the scooter refusing to acknowledge the dog is being dragged and could be hurt.

It also shows the dog hitting a kerb and unable to stand.

The man can be heard shouting at the woman.

He said: "You're hurting the dog. You're hurting the dog. The dog's dead.

"You are hitting the kerb. The dog's going to die, stop the thing."

The dog has now been taken in by West Midlands Police after a team tracked down the woman on Wednesday 10 November.

The animal is now under the care of the RSPCA and has been looked at by a vet.

In a tweet posted on the Erdington Policing Constituency account, the force said neighbourhood officers in Stockland Green "had a great result tonight in locating the dog seen on video footage being pulled behind a mobility scooter".

An RSPCA spokesman said: "A dog who was seen in a video posted online has been seized by police and is now in RSPCA care and being checked over by a vet.

"Our inquiries are ongoing so we won’t be releasing any further information at this time, but we’d like to thank West Midlands Police for assisting with this investigation and helping to find the dog so quickly."