Loughborough Fair returns for 801st year - Here's everything you need to know

Thousands of people are due to attend Loughborough's historic fair, which has returned to the town centre this week for its 801st year.

The annual event, which is on this week from Wednesday to Saturday, is operated by Charnwood Borough Council.

The first official charter for Loughborough Fair was granted to the Lord of the Manor, Hugh le Despenser, in 1221 by King Henry III.

This year's fair has been opened by the Mayor of Charnwood, Cllr Jennifer Tillotson at 6pm on Wednesday 9 November - with the reading of the official fair proclamation.

Charnwood Borough Council says it will be working closely with partners including the Police and will have stewards on patrol during the fair to make sure everyone enjoys the event safely.

Here's a guide on Loughborough's fair and everything you need to know.

What are the opening times?

  • Loughborough Fair will be open on Wednesday 9 November from 6pm until 11pm.

  • Thursday 10 November, from 12pm until 11pm.

  • Friday 11 November and Saturday 12 November from 11am until 11pm.

What rides will be there?

The full list hasn't yet been confirmed, but Charnwood Borough Council have told us that you can expect to see the following:

  • Dodgems

  • Superbob

  • Bomber

  • Seastorm

  • Megaspin

  • Tagada

  • Matterhorn

  • Atmosphere

  • Miami

  • Starflyer

There will be rides that are suitable for every age group with attractions available for toddlers all the way through to adults.

In addition to the rides, there will be a number of food, drink and confectionary stalls along with quiz stalls which will give visitors the chance to win prizes.

How much are rides at Loughborough Fair?

The prices for the rides are managed by the showmen and prices can vary depending on the type of kiosk and stall or the size of the ride. Prices will be advertised at each ride.

There is likely to be a mixture of contactless payment and cash, according to Charnwood Borough Council. If cash is required, there are plenty of cash machines in Loughborough town centre.

Credit: Charnwood Borough Council

Where can I park at Loughborough fair?

Beehive Lane car park is available but can get very busy.

Visitors should be aware that Granby Street car park will be closed from 7pm on Monday, November 7 until Sunday 13 November - due to it being used for attractions and rides, similar to last year.

There are also other car parks not owned by the council available throughout the town centre.

What roads are closed because of Loughborough fair?

Yes, there will be street diversions and road closures for Loughborough Fair. You can find a map here to help you plan your route.