Shopper in Nottinghamshire 'baffled' by world's most expensive cabbage

Credit: BPM Media

A Nottinghamshire shopper was shocked after a self service till priced a vegetable at £700.

Michael Wright was at a self service checkout at the Asda in West Bridgford on Tuesday when a till valued a red cabbage he wanted to buy at hundreds of poundsMr Wright, would-be owner of the world's most expensive cabbage, explained the item's barcode had been crumpled up, and as a result, would not scan properly.

But when an Asda worker manually typed in the barcode's numbers a price of £700.92 came up.

"The Asda employee had to type in the numbers under the barcode which generated the price on the screen as £700.92," Mr Wright said.

He added the episode provided a moment of levity for surrounding shoppers. In the end the only option was pick up another cabbage, at a "more reasonable" 74p price tag.Mr Wright said: "After much to-ing and fro-ing and giggles from fellow shoppers, I had to get another one which would scan at the much more reasonable 74p.

"It provided a talking point in the store.