Timeline: Raneem Oudeh spoke to police five times before she and her mum were murdered

Murder victim Raneem Oudeh spoke to police five times before the tragic murder of her and her mother Credit: PA

Murder victim Raneem Oudeh spoke to police five times in less than two hours before her ex-husband killed her and her mother.

Janbaz Tarin repeatedly stabbed his ex-partner, whom he had married under Islamic law.

The killer also fatally stabbed her mother Khaola Saleem, 49, in Solihull.

He was found guilty of murder at a trial held at Birmingham Crown Court in 2018 and jailed for life with a minimum of 32 years.

Tragically, it was revealed in court how Raneem had spoken to police five times in less than two hours as she desperately awaited help.

And while she was on her final phone call to police she was stabbed to death along with her mother.

Today, multiple failures by West Midlands Police were found to have "materially contributed" to the deaths of the 22-year-old and her mother, according to an inquest.

The inquest jury heard evidence of seven separate police call-outs to Tarin's home in the weeks leading up to the murders, as well as recordings of 999 calls.

The mother and daughter were failed “beyond imagination” by West Midlands Police, their family said.

Hours before her final call to police on 26 August, Tarin had followed his victims to the Rotana Shisha Lounge in Highgate.

Janbaz Tarin stabbed his ex-partner and her mother to death Credit: West Midlands Police

There, he was seen on CCTV monitoring the pair from a distance, before angrily confronting her about a man he had seen her with.

Raneem, 22, had been trying to end her relationship with Tarin since April, when she discovered he was already married and had three children with his wife in Afghanistan.

She had spoken to police about him a number of times and previous contact between the family and West Midlands Police is currently being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

At a packed shisha lounge, Tarin slapped both victims in their faces and angrily snatched a mobile phone from Raneem, before he was escorted out by staff.

Tarin, 21, of Stonebridge Crescent, Kingshurst, left in a white van and was seen to drive past and making a cut-throat gesture with his finger.

Nour Norris, Ms Saleem’s sister and Ms Oudeh’s aunt, told reporters that they want to see “culture change at all levels of policing” following the conclusion of an inquest into the women’s deaths at Birmingham and Solihull Coroner’s Court.

Senior coroner Louise Hunt reportedly ruled on Friday that mistakes made by the force “materially contributed” to their deaths.

Speaking outside the court afterwards, Ms Norris said: “The failure of the West Midlands Police has lead to the death of our beloved sister Khowla and her daughter Raneem.

“Both were murdered at the hands of the ex-husband of Raneem after a history of domestic abuse, coercive control and stalking – all of which police were aware of at the time.

“West Midlands Police have failed Khowla and Raneem beyond imagination. They had so many opportunities to save their lives right up until the end. Both were murdered while on the phone to police begging for help.”

Here is a timeline of what happened:

Police arrested Janbaz Tarin a few days after he went on the run in 2018 Credit: West Midlands Police

26 August - 10:34pm

Raneem rings 999 to tell police she is having trouble with her ex-partner and that he has slapped her and her mum.

She says she has a non-molestation order against him - and she and her mother do not feel safe.

26 August - 11:09pm

Police have not arrived so Raneem calls officers again to say she has left the lounge and is on her way home.

26 August - 11:42pm

Raneem calls police again to ask where they are and to say she is waiting outside her home.

27 August - 00:18am

Police try to call Raneem back, but there is no reply.

27 August - 00:26am

Raneem calls police to say she and her mother are going back to her mother’s home.

She says she is worried that if she stays, Tarin will hurt her.

She is advised to go to her mother’s house and lock the doors and to call back if Tarin turns up.

27 August - 00:30am

In a final call, the police phone Raneem to say that officers have made an appointment to see her at 8am.

While on the phone, she and her mother are stabbed to death.

Following the killings Tarin went on the run and was pictured on CCTV at lunchtime the same day in a chicken shop on Bearwood High Street, having shaved off his beard.

A major manhunt was launched, with Tarin’s face featuring across the news.

Then a member of the public recognised Tarin from the media appeal on the evening of 30 August.

Officers swooped and arrested him.

He pleaded guilty to the two murders and was sentenced to life in prison.