Second car dumped in Black Country canal, three days after luxury Land Rover pulled out by crane

The second car in three days has been found in a Black Country lock Credit: BPM

A second car has been dumped in a canal in the Black Country in the space of just three days.

The roof of the latest vehicle was spotted in the water near the Tenth Lock pub in Brierley Hill this morning (16 November).

Police officers were in the area after the discovery today.

It comes after a suspected stolen Land Rover was driven to a canal in Tipton on Monday (14 November).

The luxury vehicle spent 12 hours submerged before a crane was brought to the site and the car was hauled out of the canal.

It meant Factory Lock No 3 on the New Main Line Canal was closed for most of Monday.

  • The footage shows the car being lifted into the air by a crane and carried away, in Tipton on Monday night.

Residents reacted on social media at the latest news - some with anger and others commenting jovially.

One commenter said: "I wonder if people who laugh and take the p*** would like it if it was their car."Another said: "Some people will do anything to save a few quid, car wash £3.50 Nah! I’ll dip wash it for free."

One person added: "You can’t park that there!"

Another said: "Can folks stop dumping cars in Black Country canals please."

Someone else pointed out: "Well they’re talking about closing some canals (was on central news last night!) due to costs of upkeep and it’s a cost of £5000 to remove a car from the canal….So some fool has just put another nail in coffin for British waterways"