Impatient driver dodges traffic and drives on a Harborne footpath in dashcam footage

Watch as this impatient driver dodges a traffic jam by driving along a pavement in Harborne

Dashcam footage has captured the moment an impatient driver tried to avoid queues by driving along a footpath instead.

It happened on Rose Road at around 1pm on Monday 7 November as a queue of cars were waiting ahead.

However, the driver then mounted the pavement, attempting to overtake the queue of traffic.

Luckily no one was walking on the pavement at the time.

It is understood West Midlands Police issued a Notice of Intended Prosecution to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

When a driver is served a Notice of Intended Prosecution this means they are asked to identify the driver within 14 days. It is an offence if they fail to respond.

West Midlands Police has been contacted for a statement.